Phantom Speakers 750 Watts

Phantom wireless 750 Watt speaker

Phantom 750 Watt wireless speaker

Devialet Phantom 750 Watt

Brand Name: Devialet (Made in France)
Brand Type: Phantom
Power: 750 Watts
Model Number: ZP496
Color: White
Speaker Type: Wireless
Speaker Connectivity: Dual band WiFi, Ethernet, PLC Homeplug AV2, Toslink optical input
Application: Spark®
Supported OS: Windows 7+, Mac OSX 10.9+, iOS 7+, Android 4.4+
Dimensions: 9.8 inches x 13.8 inches x 9.8 inches (WxDxH 253mmx343mmx255mm)
Weight: 28 pounds (about 10.5kg)
Shipping Weight: 35.6 pounds
Price: $1,990.00

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Phantom is invented and made by Devialet Ingénierie Acoustique de France, a manufacturer of high end audio. They put millions of dollars in research to develop the perfect sound a revolutionary new wireless speaker system that will change the world of sound forever. The technological inventions used in this system are coming from 88 exclusive patents from which 55 received awards!

The first time when you listen to the sound of the Phantom you will be thrilled by the experience. The speakers emits a sound that is the best in the world, without distortion, background noise, or saturation, not even at a high volume. The word “sound” will get a total new meaning to you, when you listen to the incredibly ultra dense sound of the Phantom.

You can use the Phantom through Bluetooth, optical, or Wifi to listen to all music services, such as Spotify, iTunes, Pandora, or Tidal. With only one speaker, you can already experience the powerful pure sound coming out of the Phantom. For the best results, you need to have two Phantom Speakers and the Dialog to connect them together.

2 Phantoms with Dialog

Phantom Duo with Dialog