Welcome to Phantom Speakers

The owner of this website

That’s me, Nico!

I am Nico, the owner and creator of this website.

In the past, I had a drive-in disco and know how important sound can be.

I can not jump onto everything that is new and good, because I don’t have the space nor the money to do that.

But sometimes there are products that are worth looking at, even while they are pretty expensive.

That is the case with the Devialet Phantom Speakers.

Not affordable for every person, but undeniably a very good speaker.

These speakers must not only be seen, but definitely must be heard for their awesome sound.

How I got started

I have a friend who owns 2 of these Silver Phantom Speakers, yes, the 3000 Watt speakers.

First, I found him crazy for buying these costly speakers with a power that is way to much for his place.

But he insisted that I had to listen to the sound to appreciate them.

After listening I can say; There are speakers and there are Devialet Phantoms.

These speakers are sounding so much better than ordinary home speakers.

It was like listening to a live concert, where all the sounds including bass, mid tone, and high tones are so much better to recognize.

Back home I looked up more information about these wonderful speakers and that is how this website got started.

I am happy with my stereo and don’t think about buying these Phantoms, but you never know what will happen in the future.

But one thing is sure: I’ll keep my eyes open and keep you informed through this Phantom Speakers Website.
To contact me, you can use the contact form at the end of the contact page.